Towards a just green transition in the Finnish legal system

A project to explore the complexity and resilience of the Finnish legal system in the context of sustainability

Our vision is a just transformation that upholds the rule of law

Building a robust theory and method to scope legal leverage points for transforming the law

At RELIEF, we are passionate and ambitious about sustainability. Our mission? To develop theories and methods for scoping leverage points in the legal system and to evaluate their impact on society for reaching ambitious climate change, biodiversity protection and environmental quality objectives.

We envision a world where understanding and influencing legal system dynamics leads to just transformation. Through our unique approach, we bridge the gap between the public and private realms by fostering meaningful interactions that create a powerful network for transforming the law.

Transformation toolkit is the main outputs of our project, a step-by-step guide that empowers policymakers, public authorities, companies, and citizens to help them build a world where legal systems drive sustainability.


Meet our partners

A diverse team with a common goal

RELIEF consists of four Finnish academic and research institutions that work to align ambitious sustainability goals with legal values.

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